The Suit Makes The Man

This is a guest post by Daniel Conaty.

A woman might say she can tell the type of man she comes across by simple deductions made from observing his suit. The same is true for men.  Two men arrive at a job interview at approximately the same time and they both have approximately the same qualifications but one is ushered in before the other, why? A single look at two people putting on a suit can help someone come to a decision in a split second for suit shows the level of care and professionalism a man is likely to put into his work. The next question which immediately pops into the mind is how does one choose the perfect suit for himself or for a spouse? The answer is simple, pay Saville Row a visit and call at No 29 which is the address of Richard James’ firm, and any questions and lingering doubts would definitely be cleared.

Saville Row is famously known over the world for its “bespoke tailoring” and has a history of producing the finest British suits for its clients. Their client list ranges from popular celebrities to the average man who knows the importance of making a statement with the way he is attired. The tailoring practices which have been taking place in Mayfair for the last two hundred years has been perfected by none other than the contemporary luxury tailoring and designing firm, Richard James. This foremost designer had its beginning in 1992 and adds the rich culture of tailoring from Seville’s 200 year experience with innovative contemporary designs to bring forth to the world nothing but class.

Richard James’ designing firm always takes a client’s unique taste and character into consideration in designing a customized suit, when a client comes into the shops to place an order he is first taking through a detailed consultation were the particular design, style and cut that would fit his body frame would be discussed. He would also be given quality advice on the materials, seams, button designs and linings he could choose from which would bring out the beauty and perfection of his design.

Richard James Tailoring Practices and Visiting the Establishments

For those who love having their suits cut according to size while physically present, a visit to the shops located in London and Tokyo is highly recommended. Richard James bespoke tailoring also incorporates its innovativeness in its sales practices and this was done by establishing the perfect E-commerce website dedicated to all things Richard James for the general public. The number of activities that can be performed on the online site are numerous, they include:

  • Browsing through the list of designer suits available on the suits catalogue. All suits are given a detailed description on its design, make and pricing to help you make the perfect choice.
  • Registering as a member provides you with an online shopping cart that can help you store merchandise of interest which you can pay for at your preferred time.
  • The website is secure for placing orders and carrying out purchases with your credit card or bank details thereby eliminating any form of online fraud.
  • A well-defined contact system on how to contact customer care through the phone or email is provided for the ease of use for customers.
  • Well defined categories of other items in stock are also provided for your viewing and browsing pleasure.
  • Discounts are also provided to clients and these discounts depend various details, a discount can be given because of the amount of goods purchased and discounts are also made available during special holidays to help customers purchase affordable items for their loved ones.

Richard James online e-commerce website provides its clients with shipping services to most destinations of their choice and these comes at a very affordable fee with set policies and guidelines on delivery which can easily be read on the website. An order placed in the United Kingdom gets delivered in a 24 hour period while international orders usually take less than a week depending on the location and means of shipment picked by the client.

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