Be Like Bond: own your own tuxedo

This is a guest post by Jackie Brown of J. Hilburn.

Gentlemen…it’s time we had that talk.  Ya know, the one that you have to have now that you are older and becoming a respectable member of society.  Yes, that one.  Gentlemen, it’s time to talk about owning a Tuxedo.

Don’t let me lose your attention just yet.  You may think “I don’t ever need one” or “yeah, I’ll just rent it.”  Stay with me: you need a tuxedo.  You’ll thank me later, I’m sure and here’s why.

The obvious image when discussing tuxedos is James Bond.  He has skills and confidence and always looks great – even if he’s jumping out of a helicopter into a moving car.  He knows how to dress.  Though you may not have all the action that Mr. Bond has had over the years, don’t you want to be ready for it if it struts slowly across your path?  Having a custom tailored tuxedo in your closet is a great way to be prepared.

So let’s talk about how useful a tuxedo can be.  You’re a cool guy…you have a great group of friends and maybe, one day, one of those friends will be getting hitched.  Reason 1:  You need a tux for your friends’ wedding.  Best man or not, you need to “wow.”  Just a guest?   You should still look sharp.  Think you could just rent a tux?  Rentals have more negatives than positives.  Consider that the polyester suit you will be wearing to celebrate your friends union may have just been worn by a teenager to celebrate his prom.  We all know what can happen at prom and polyester is not a breathable fabric.  Rental tuxes do not come with a list of previous owners, but it can come with a lingering scent of parties it’s attended.  Not cool at all.

As you continue your climb up the corporate ladder or are building one of your own, there will be the occasional black tie event or holiday get-together in which all the bosses/investors will be looking at you.  Reason 2: You need a tux to shine at a corporate event.  Having a custom fit tuxedo will give you a definite edge in the style department, earning you a “wow”.  The jacket drapes you perfectly; the pants are trim and classic; the cuff links are conversation pieces.  This is a great impression.  This keeps you in the lead.

Further down your life’s timeline, there will be community events that you will be honored to attend.  There will be charity functions that help you rub elbows with other like-minded people who are looking for leaders.  Reason 3: You need a tux to effortlessly support community events and attend charity functions.  These events don’t have to be a hassle if you already own the attire.  When you are asked if you can attend, it’s a “yes” instead of a “oh, now I have to figure out what to wear.”  Use your time wisely and be prepared.  Hanging in your closet is your stylish tuxedo.  Done.  Having the event photographer eager to take your snapshot…”wow”.  That’s being prepared like a good boy scout.

Let’s not forget the best reason, in my opinion, to invest in a tuxedo.  The ladies, man, love a tux.  If you’re lucky enough to have found your bit of honey and want to continue to be “her man”, using a tuxedo for a special occasion, anniversary, or just because, is a classic man move.  Reason 4: You need a tux to keep her coming back for more.  It’s not an easy task to keep good women around.  Book a nice restaurant; order a few flowers; tell her to dress her best; then put on your slick tuxedo and some tantalizing cologne and you’re scoring more points that the Thunder during playoffs!  Your next “wow” moment was easy and you can focus on her.  That’s a good view, right?

Bond was always prepared and looked so good.  Be like Bond.  Make more “wow” moments in your life.  Be The Man in a custom tuxedo.

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