Why Eye Cream Matters

Skin is our biggest organ, and like many other organs in our body, has a magnificent ability to replenish, heal, and protect itself.  But also like other organs, that ability diminishes over time.  What many women have been using for many years, eye cream, is something that the well-groomed gent is only beginning to discover.  In this article we'll talk about how and why eye cream should be in the grooming routine of every gent.

Different type of skin?

Male skin is different from female skin in two ways:

  • male skin tends to be thicker and more resilient
  • male skin produces more sebum, which is a light yellow, oil substance that helps protect against dryness and dehydration.

Put another way, male skin deals better with stress than women's skin.  This natural advantage men have is one part of why they don't pay as much attention to their skin as women do.  The other part being, of course, a perceived unnecessary hassle that extra grooming would bring.

But skin under the eyes is different for men and women than the skin on other parts of their body.  It's thinner, at times up to one tenth of the thickness in other parts.  This thinness more easily shows tiredness, aging, and your last night out.

Why not any moisturizer?

Because of the thinness of the skin under the eyes, you can't just use a generic moisturizer.  Eye cream needs to be something lightweight and easily absorbed.  It needs to be formulated for sensitive skin.  Most importantly, it needs to have active ingredients that deal with inflammation, dark circles, and puffiness in the short term, and cracks, lines, and crow's feet in the medium and long term.  Eye cream doesn't work miracles, but it does keep you from premature aging with just a little bit of time (just the amount of time it takes to dab under your eyes) in the morning and evening.  That's why eye cream is priced differently from generic facial cream.  It's not a conspiracy.

Ponce's Eye Cream by Rascal

Obviously at The Gents Place we're passionate about the way men look and feel, because we know when you look and feel your best, you can change the world.  Obviously there are lots of good eye creams out there, so why do we like Rascal's Ponce's Eye Cream?

Firstly, like all Rascal products, natural ingredients are the star.  For Ponce's Eye Cream, those include macadamia seed oil (for moisturizing the skin), honey extract (for protecting against moisture loss), and ginko biloba leaf (to work on fine lines and wrinkles).  The cream is also paraben and cruelty-free, with no artificial colors or fragrance.  For travelers, it's small enough to travel with your carry-on toiletries.  No wonder it's our house choice at The Gents Place.

Do you use eye cream on a regular basis?  Let us know in the comments below.

Ben Davis

About Ben Davis

A serial entrepreneur, Ben Davis is founder of The Gents Place and a leading investor in gentlemen's refinement and confidence.

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