The Importance of Quality Men’s Fragrances

Ever inched closer to a stranger because she smells good? Here’s a little insider tip – women are the same way. Your scent has a lot to do with whether or not she will find you attractive, feel at ease, or become aroused. Each of us comes complete with a set of pheromones, chemical compounds that affect how attractive we are to the opposite sex. Using a fragrance, however, can serve as a little boost and catch her attention. Studies also show that wearing your favorite scent makes you feel less tense, angry or confused, making you more fun to be around.

So, with so many types of fragrances on the market, how can you be sure to pick one that will drive the ladies wild? This list of fragrances will help you better understand and decide which type is best for you. It runs from lowest concentration of oils and aromatic compounds to the highest.

Eau de Cologne aka Cologne – Colognes are a result of diluting down stronger, more expensive pure fragrances such as those found in pure parfums, with citrus and herb notes. Basically, cologne was the option created to appease a crowd who could not afford the nicer, longer lasting pure parfums available on the market. Colognes consist of about 5 percent of aromatic compounds, much less than the 15 to 40 percent of pure parfums. Bottles are generally larger and less expensive than purer perfumes, but the scent doesn’t last nearly as long as pure parfums, meaning you’ll wind up paying for it in the end.

Eau de Toilette – Another version of perfume created for those who wanted to enjoy the scents without having to pay the price for pure parfums, the eau de toillete contains a concentration of about 5 to 15 percent of aromatic compounds. Again, they are less expensive than pure fragrances, but don’t last as long as their parfum counterparts.

Eau de Parfum – The eau de parfum was born with the intention of creating a stronger scent than eau de toillete and cologne fragrances, but without less of a high price-tag than the pure parfum versions. Eau de Parfums typically contain 10 to 20 percent of aromatic compounds, making for a long lasting scent that is very perceptible.

Extrait de Parfum aka Pure Parfum – This type of fragrance, which when literally translated to English means “perfume extract,” contains the highest concentration of scent, with about 15 to 40 percent of aromatic compounds. This makes the price of pure parfum much higher than other perfumes, and they generally come in the smallest bottle. Due to the high concentration of aromatics in pure parfums, they are the longest lasting scents, meaning that one tiny bottle goes a lot further than cheaper options.

So, the intensity and longevity of a perfume is based on its concentration, intensity and longevity of aromatic compounds: the higher the percentage, the greater the intensity and longevity of the scent. Traditionally most men buy eau de colognes or eau de toilletes simply because they are the most widely available. However, by buying a more concentrated eau de parfum, or better yet, a pure parfum, you are investing in a much higher quality product. This quality means your scent will last longer, making it worth the extra money. Plus, pure parfums are so much more refined than colognes.

BONUS TIP: To make sure you get the most out of your fragrance, store it in a cool, dry place, away from heat and light.

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