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6 Style No-Nos For the Gent

style no-nos for the gent

We recently covered some style trends we’ve been seeing, but it’s been a long time since we shared some Style “No-Nos.”  While we’ve usually used seasons like Spring, Fall, and Winter to share specific No-Nos, in this article we’ll cover some all-weather tips to make sure you’re looking the part of a Gent at all […]

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Some Dressing Dos and Don’ts as Fall approaches

Labor Day is on the horizon, and in America this marks the end of summer.  While the weather may not immediately dictate it, soon enough you will be putting away those sandals, shorts, and t-shirts and be reaching for your slacks, ties, and jackets.  We wanted to take a moment to think about some traditions […]

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3 Fashion No-No’s for Spring

Staying stylish is a flexible and sometimes tricky proposition. The rules can often be bent and trends come and go, but there are classic elements of style that you can never go wrong with. But sometimes there are simple “do not dos.” Gents, listen to the experts and beware of these no-no’s this spring: 1 – […]

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Fashion Mistakes to avoid during Winter

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere have started to notice that it’s cold outside. We may have held out as long as we could but it’s time for coats, jackets, sweaters and the accessories.  But even the cold is no excuse to not look your best.  Acknowledge that it is winter time. Embrace it. This is a time when […]

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Unspoken Clothing Rules

This is a guest post by Blaine Mountain of J. Hilburn If you’ve ever spent time abroad, you know that there are subtle nuances to abide by in order to avoid awkward moments or embarrassing interactions. There are rules. Most go unspoken, but there are still rules.  I think most of us would admit that […]

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Black Belt, Brown Shoes?

A black belt paired with brown shoes is one of the biggest fashion faux pas you can make, right behind white socks with your slacks. Just think of the color combinations at play: brown shoes (hopefully with brown socks), blue or gray pants, whatever color shirt you are wearing and then add to that a […]

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