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Considerations for a Scottish Golf Vacation

There’s golf, and then there’s golf in Scotland.  You’ll be playing in the centuries-old home of the sport and you’ll have historic backdrops and majestic coastlines while playing, to say nothing of the warm hospitality and great side trips that await you when you’re not on the green.  But there’s a lot to think about […]

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The Ford F-150 Lightning Leads the Latest Electric Vehicle Charge

f-150 lightning

It wasn’t that long ago that we were writing about more and more luxury brands moving into the electric vehicle space.  Tesla’s Cybertruck premiered (as a concept) some time ago, though production seems to be delayed until early 2023. Chevy has an all-electric Silverado planned for 2024.  But if you want an all-electric truck now, […]

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Fly Semi-Private

One of the things that the pandemic has allowed us to do is to break old patterns of thinking and ways of doing things.  One of those old patterns of thinking is flying commercial because private might be too expensive, especially for short hops.  But that’s old information, and some new airlines are offering a […]

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That Cast Iron Life

We recently spoke about gift-giving principles, but a gift you can easily give yourself is that of a cast-iron pan.  Not sure how they work or what to keep in mind when using it?  We’ve got you covered. Why Use One? You might have perfectly good pans and see the addition of one more tool […]

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Need vs Service: The What and Why Behind Choosing the Best Pistol for You


The following is a guest post from Michael Denmon.  Michael is a Dad who is working on being a better man, one project at a time. Catch up with his latest attempts at Dad Level Viking. We are currently living in interesting yet uncertain times.  With uncertainty comes panic.  And with panic comes bad judgement. I […]

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Thanksgiving Beer, Wine, and Spirits

alcohol thanksgiving

It’s getting close to one of our favorite holidays of the year here at The Gents Place: Thanksgiving.  We are very much a company that gives thanks every day for the opportunity for men to look and feel their best every single day.  But we also love to eat!  Which is why we’ve given ideas […]

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