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What 2021 Taught Us About What Really Mattered


Here on The Gents Blog we have a pretty consistent theme at the end of each year.  Reflect and level up.  Whether that’s doing an annual review which could lead to resolutions along with ideas to keep you accountable to those resolutions, the end of any year offers so much in the way of opportunity […]

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Films for the Gent: Seven Samurai

It might be intimidating to sit down to a three and a half hour black and white subtitled movie, but when it comes to Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece Seven Samurai, it’s such an influential and important film that you’ve probably already seen one of its adaptations: one of the two versions of The Magnificent 7 or, […]

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A Gift-Giving Guide for Gents

gift giving

You don’t want to be the Gent scrambling around on Dec 23rd or 24th, picking over the remains of what’s left at a store or browsing hurriedly through online sites.  That’s stressful and often you make the “have to” choice instead of the “want to” one.  But with so many different gift possibilities out there […]

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Planning for when SHTF


This is another guest post from David Ford, who last wrote for us on beard maintenance basics. Seems like anywhere you go online, there is a high chance you will run across an article about what has been abbreviated to S.H.T.F. Your mind might then go to people who living in a mountain cave wearing […]

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A History of Halloween


Many Americans don’t realize that when they are celebrating Halloween they are participating in a holiday that has undergone a lot of changes from its origins, but has some still-recognizable roots, if you look closely enough.  To find out how we got to costumes, trick-or-treating, and carving pumpkins, you have to go back to the […]

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NFT Basics

tom brady autograph

We’ve kept you pretty regularly updated about trends in Bitcoin, some rising cryptocurrencies, and where you can buy and trade crypto.  Something we haven’t yet talked about that has been in the news a lot this year are those items known as NFTs.  If you don’t know what they are or how they work, we’ve […]

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