Five Things Your Old Man Won’t Ask For on Father’s Day, but He’d Love to Have

Not sure what to get your old man for Father’s Day, but pretty positive the last thing he wants is another tie? Chances are you’re right. In all likelihood, your Dad is dreaming up something a little more…technologically advanced for Father’s Day. This year, and probably every year to come, sees electronic gadgets and multi-use tools as Dad’s gift of choice.

Consider the obvious: Men, dads included, love gadgets, especially the weighty kind. Look for a quality gadget with the sturdiness and craftsmanship to back it up. Your dad wants something he can use, and something he wouldn’t buy for himself makes it all the better. Here are a couple of tech toys and tools your old man just might be eying:

  1. Power tools – A good drill to be precise. Tools, drills in particular, are quite handy. If your dad is up in years, a drill might be the perfect replacement for arthritis-irritating screw drivers. There are heavy duty hammer drills, and lightweight drills simply meant to take the place of a Phillips or flathead. If you have a handy man dad, go with a more industrial model. Buy a smaller drill for simple handiwork around the house.
  2. Smart Phones –  Smart phones are cool, and they let Dad know you think he is cool too. While he may not have any need to access Facebook or Twitter, this could be the perfect excuse to get him connected to the family. While teaching your old man to use a smart phone may be a challenge, one he figures out the endless apps to make his life easier, we’re pretty sure he won’t be able to live without one.
  3. GPS – What man likes to stop for directions? Avoid that problem entirely (and provide a no-fault solution) with a GPS. There are tons to choose from, including models that work while on foot, hiking, or biking, for the active dad.
  4. Laser levels – Again, going the way of handyman gift ideas, you can’t really go wrong with a laser level. While it may not be the most used item in the toolbox, it is a cool thing to own, and mighty handy for making straight lines, hanging pictures and the like. Chances are your pops hasn’t already bought one because, well, there are other ways to make straight lines. This way is just so much cooler…
  5. Gaming consoles – Dad not into video games? Gaming consoles make a great present not only because most men are just grown boys, but because they double as media players and social hubs. Dad can play movies and games, stream videos from Netflix and Hulu, and kick your butt at Call of Duty 4, all using the same gaming console.
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  1. Great ideas! My dad never asks for a gadget on any gift giving occasion, but he definitely loves it when I get him one! Last year I got him a Sling Adapter, so he could watch his favorite shows on the go with the Dish Remote Access app on his phone. This year I think I’m going to upgrade him to a tablet, so he can enjoy that app on a much bigger screen. Since he still travels a lot for business, I’m positive it’ll come in handy for him. I’ve used Dish Remote Access on my iPad ever since I started working for Dish a couple years ago, and love it myself as a time-killer during travel, so I’m definitely excited to see his reaction to it! Thanks for the read!

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