430 Spyder or Gallardo Spyder

This is a guest post by Benny Black of Platinum Motorcars

This is the article that gives you the perspective of someone who drives these cars everyday. But, I am not a car guy nor an enthusiast. I just wanted to figure out a way to drive nice cars and not have to pay for them. So I am not going to  give you a journalist’s view. I think that view is biased. This is the “regular guylambo (2) married with three kids” version.

The Ferrari 430 Spyder is a sexy car. It has the supercharged V8 that is very quick. I would compare it to a cornerback: it’s very nimble and corners quickly and aggressively. The transmission is smooth and very quick. Larger cockpit with a very slim dash makes it easier for taller drivers. I am 6 2 and quite comfortable in this car. It has great seating as well with 6 way controls. Music is important to me, and alas this car does not give you that. The radio has decent highs but not very strong and the bass tends to overrun the system. A good amp upgrade would do wonders.

Now the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder is an exotic beauty. A V10 brute of an engine that once it opens up, it’s relentless in power. I would compare it to a running back: good cornering and great breaking on this car and awesome top end speed. Its AWD and has a low torque curve so it’s very jumpy if you don’t give it steady gas when starting off. The cockpit is like a plane and very confining; that makes it difficult to drive for extended periods of time and the seating is extremely low with little padding as well. The handling is very responsive and the sport modeferrari dallas2 (2) takes this car to another level. But there is a price to pay for that mode in fuel, as it drinks it very aggressively.

Overall, they both give you attention when you drive. Plenty of stares and camera phones. My opinion is that the Ferrari garners more respect from those that can afford either vehicle. Besides the price tag being a bit more hefty, many supercar aficionados believe the Gallardo is the entry level supercar. So even though it performs nicely it screams look at me, and the Ferrari having the heritage has the image.


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