Transitioning out of the office at the end of your day

Every night of the week, bars and restaurants fill up with guys who look like they belong in their cubicles. But the good news is you don’t have to be one of them. Just because you have plans right after work and no time to run home doesn’t mean you need to let everyone at the bar know you’re an accountant. You can transform your look from the office to out by simply adding or losing a few items – and no, we’re not talking about shoving your tie in your pocket. You’re not fooling anyone with that, you know?

Start each option with a slim, well-fitting suit suit.

Option 1 – Switch out your dress shirt for a fitted polo shirt, and leave it untucked. Make sure it hits right below the belt line. If you’re wearing a pocket square, make sure and take it out. Keep your wingtips though – they give the outfit a sophisticated flair.

Option 2 – Keep the shirt, but take off the tie and undo two shirt buttons. With this option make sure you are wearing a v-neck undershirt or no undershirt at all. Add a ribbon belt and loafers to take this outfit from the office to the bar. Want an even more easy-going look? Ditch the socks.

Option 3 – Go all out and swap out your suit pants for a pair of jeans. Keep the shirt tucked in and match your belt to your suit/shoes. Unbutton your collar and loosen your tie a touch. Push up your sleeves to just below the elbows and fold your cuff over the edge of the jacket, just once. Voila, you are ready to go.

To make your transition from day to night a successful one, consider storing a few key items in a desk drawer at work. In addition to a pair of jeans, a polo shirt and loafers, keep a few key personal hygiene items on hand, such as deodorant, light cologne, some Colgate Wisps and hair product for a quick touch-up.

Ben Davis

About Ben Davis

A serial entrepreneur, Ben Davis is founder of The Gents Place and a leading investor in gentlemen's refinement and confidence.

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