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Small Habits, Big Payoff

Today’s article is a guest post from the founder of The Orderly Gent.  I meet a lot of men who have genuine and healthy concerns about how they present themselves and conduct their affairs.  Men who have well thought-out reasons for why they do what they do, and who have an innate desire to improve, both personally and professionally. In working […]

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Denim Rules for the Gent


This post features a guest appearance from our Preston Hollow neighbors, Ken’s Man’s Shop. The jeans category is one of the hottest areas in Ken’s Man’s Shop. Every season we think it will slow down, but it continues to ratchet up another notch. Yesterday I was having a conversation with a client who says he […]

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How To Use LinkedIn Like A Gent

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This is a guest post from Jim Durbin, a digital/social headhunter. gGents put time and care into their appearance because they know the world is watching. When you step outside your door, you have to project strength, class, confidence, health and stability, which is defined largely by how you look and how you dress. In […]

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The DNA of the Successful Gentleman – The Power of Two Words


This is a guest post by Mark Demos, President of Corp-DNA and LSI. We all know the twit who is loud, always talking about how great they are, always have a better score, make better deals, etc.  They make us cringe and find ways to exit.  They make us want to use two other words, […]

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The DNA of the Successful Gentleman – Part 2 INTEGRITY DNA


This is a guest post by Mark Demos, President of Corp-DNA and LSI. “WYSIWYG”  Have you ever seen the acronym?  It means – What You See Is What You Get.  That is a promise that means INTEGRITY.  Integrity means what is seen externally is a reflection of or generated by what is internal.  There are […]

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The DNA of the Successful Gentleman – Part 1 FOCUS DNA


This is a guest post by Mark Demos, President of Corp-DNA and LSI. There are many DNA Markers of success.  I have worked with some amazing people and their Success DNA is often very different.  I want to begin this series of blogs with one man who I admire greatly.   I have seen him create […]

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