Summertime Smokes

Some of you may have a special retreat you can go to during the colder months of the year, when you can enjoy a cigar undisturbed by the weather.  But many of us have to brave the cold to enjoy a good smoke; with summer coming on, we're free to enjoy those cigars in the great outdoors.  We wanted to share a few cigars for your consideration for those long summer afternoons and evenings ahead.

Setting the Table

For those who might be worried about the heat of a cigar against the backdrop of rising temperatures, a smart way to take the edge off the heat of a smoke would be to enjoy a cool gazpacho, some olives, or smoked fish.  For those who prefer to dive right in, remember that burgers, steak, and barbecue pair best with a robust cigar.  Whichever route you take, you'll often find a cigar is the perfect way to finish a summertime meal.

Our Picks

Punch Signature.  This is a refresh of a classic and well-known brand.  The wrapper tobacco is grown in a volcanic province of Ecuador, which imparts a sweet and spicy flavor.  It has a Nicaraguan binder and a Nicaraguan and Dominican blend.  It's a full-bodied smoke and would pair well with a bourbon.

Camacho Powerband.  The name might sound a bit technical, but don't be scared off.  The "powerband" just refers to a proprietary technique for bunching the tobacco that maximizes airflow: the makers wanted to make a cigar with a consistent feel and taste from start to finish.  With an Ecuadorian wrapper, a Mexican binder, and filler from Nicaragua, Honduras, and the DR, you'd expect a complex smoke, and this delivers.

Liga Privada #9.  What do people who own cigar plantations do?  They occasionally make cigars just for themselves, not for sale to the public.  Such was the case for the Liga Privada #9: the makers had originally destined these smokes for their private humidors, but word got out and they do a limited production.  These smokes are made from seven different tobaccos, with a wrapper that is hand fermented for 18 months.  The finished cigars are aged for at least 12 months before being released to dealers.  A Connecticut wrapper also means this cigar is rich without being harsh.

Joya Red.  Joya de Nicaragua is a very well known house in Nicaragua, and this particular cigar is a puro: 100% Nicaraguan in wrapper, binder, and filler, which means you get a lot of those flavors associated with that country's tobacco: nuts, earth, toast, spice.  They use a milder leaf to this is a great smoke for someone new to cigars and cigar smoking, but is also an enjoyable smoke for the seasoned cigar lover who wants to get to know Nicaraguan tobacco a bit more.  It pairs very well with a dark rum or a red pale ale.

Rocky Patel 20th Anniversary.  Just north of Nicaragua is Honduras, which provides the wrapper and binder for this full-bodied smoke.  It's got a Honduran/Nicaraguan filler and you'll get notes of espresso, chocolate, cedar, pepper, and leather, among others, as you enjoy it.  Don't be intimidated by all the flavors this one features: remember that the key part of enjoying a cigar is that you enjoy it, not just that it gets great reviews.

If you're newer to enjoying cigars, take a look at our article for beginners as well as one on pairing cigars with alcohol.

Have some favorites you'd add to this list?  Share them in the comments below!

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