Review of Men's Sandals from Juil

Sandals That “Get Me”

A good rule of life is to always invest in quality when it comes to things that go between you and the ground (cases in point: tires and shoes).

While a good set of performance tires can easily complement your car visually as well as practically, performance footwear is often lacking in terms of masculine design. This might not hold true for running shoes, perhaps, but it’s particularly the case with sandals.

As guys, we’ve really had two choices in this matter: super casual “flip-flops” that offer little support or outdoorsy sandals with thick treads and rugged straps. Both have their uses, but these uses haven’t overlapped much with the lifestyle of guys like me. (At least since I finished college and no longer had to wear flip-flops in communal showers.)

Enter Juil: Sandals for GentlemenReview of Men's Sandals from Juil
I discovered Juil a few months ago and have been waiting for temperatures to rise enough to get these in my daily rotation ever since.

Their style, far more refined than typical flip-flops or hikers, speaks for itself.

However, I can lend some merit by adding my personal findings:

1) My pair feels tailor-fit to my feet, almost as if they were custom made.

2) I expect they’ll last ages; the leather is super thick, and the footbeds have copper (yes, copper) pressure points under the toes and heels.

3) I feel like they’re flexible enough to pair with everything but athletic clothes (e.g., t-shirts and jeans, golf shorts and polos, dress shirts and linen).

*No, you shouldn’t pair socks with ‘em—nor should you with any sandals.

Notice the picture-perfect feet in the image (courtesy of Juil’s Instagram feed)? That’s how feet are supposed to look. If yours differ, give us a call to book an hour in our “foot repair throne.” Hot stone foot massage, clay foot mask, whiskey, and high-def television are included . . .

Ben Davis

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A serial entrepreneur, Ben Davis is founder of The Gents Place and a leading investor in gentlemen's refinement and confidence.

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