vdayTrying to figure out what to buy the man who seemingly has everything? Or, are you that man and have no idea what you would like for Valentine’s Day? If you are that man…the one who thinks to himself “there’s nothing I really want or need”. Stop right there…before you do anything else….forward this along to the spouse! You’ll thank us later!

Let us help you at The Gents Place. Whether you know it or not…there is something you need. You need a little time to yourself to relax and let go of some of those work & home stresses of everyday life.

Whether you want an unforgettable service experience or something to take home…we have you covered!  And if you’re still unsure…The Gents Place gift card is always a sure bet!

Because gentleman, let’s face it...when you feel you’re most confident best…every aspect in your life is that much more enhanced.

1.    The Gents Tailored Experience

Give the gift of impeccable grooming and self-confidence with The Gents Tailored Experience:

  • $300 The Gents Place Gift Card w/ Signature Gents Gift Box
  • Exclusive wardrobe consultation with a D. Jones clothier
  • Tailor-made dress shirt (a $198 value) from D. Jones tailored collection, included with purchase (may also use this to apply $198 toward a tailor-made suit)
  • So, your man will be receiving a $498 value for only $300...very limited quantities, so purchase your package before it sells out!

2.    Signature Scent

Upgrade your man’s scent to one of the many niche and imported Italian fragrances exclusive to The Gents Place.

3.    Shave Away

Send him on a one hour “Mancation” to our luxurious private barber suite for a straight razor shave experience unlike any other.

  • The Gents Place Straight Razor Shave Experience (a one hour facial and shave in one experience!)
  • Double-Edge Safety Razor of Your Choice
  • Pack of 5 Double-Edge Blades

4.    Manly Indulgence

Doesn’t he deserve the therapeutic benefits of a relaxing massage to help him remove the pain and stress in his life?

  • 60 Minute Customized Specialty Massage
  • Musgo Real Luxury Body Cream

5.    Nail Groomed

A “man spa day” that lets him keep his man card! Private room, complimentary beverage, TV at his fingertips and a service he will enjoy without ever having to enter the nail salon.

  • Hand Repair Service
  • Foot Repair Service
  • Klhip "Award Winning" Nail Clippers

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