Gifts for the Gents: Gents Place Membership

We often hear from our members about their first Gents Place experience.  A common thread that runs through all of them is the realization that it was much more than a haircut we were interested in providing.  We have a mission to make men look and feel their best, because when men look and feel their best, they help to change the world.

A Relaxing Routine

We all have things that we simply have to do.  But there's no rule that says that routines have to be boring or unpleasant.  Having a membership at The Gents Place means that you don't have to worry about whether your hair will be cut well, or whether you'll leave feeling revitalized and ready to take on the world.  That's a given.  So that means you can simply relax and be in the moment.  Start your appointment with your favorite drink, chat with fellow members and with your stylist or barber, and have this time to yourself.

Connections and Events

The Gents Place naturally attracts men of quality from the community.  While some meetings and interactions naturally happen by chance in our clubs, we also put together regular events in which members can meet each other, chat, network, and sometimes even meet co-owner and Brand Ambassador Emmitt Smith.  We believe that it's important to connect like-minded men wherever and whenever possible.

Unique Products for Purchase

We've had a passion from our earliest days about providing unique products and gifts that are not just difficult to find, but sometimes exclusively provided by us.  We are especially proud of our flagship Rascal brand of products.  But we also curate lines and products from all over the country and world, not just for grooming, but for living, that are geared towards the classic and modern gentlemen.

Members Only: If you're looking for a unique gift for the Gents in your life, we've got a special offer for this time of year: when you purchase an annual membership online for a friend by 12/31/18, we will gift you a complimentary month of membership. Pick the level you are interested in (3-course5-course, or 7-course), then pick the club closest to your friend and go through the checkout process.  Forward the receipt to social@thegentsplace.com and we will note your account to make sure your next month’s payment gets waived, or for annual members, your expiration date is extended by one month.

When did you become a Gents Place member?  What made you decide to do so?  Share in the comments below to get a free upgrade on your next service - from 3 course to 5 or from 5 course to 7.

Ben Davis

About Ben Davis

A serial entrepreneur, Ben Davis is founder of The Gents Place and a leading investor in gentlemen's refinement and confidence.

I was gifted a membership last year for my 50th bday, it’s been one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! The customer service at the Frisco location is beyond reproach, I can’t speak highly enough of everyone in that shop. I’ve had the opportunity to meet Ben on a couple of occasions, he is always friendly and approachable, and he supports local veteran programs even beyond his Operation Gentleman initiative, which is absolutely amazing. Ben and Lauren Davis are great partners and business leaders in the communities they serve. Thank you both for what you do!

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