Everyday carry: slimming the load

Everyday we head out the door with a familiar group of items: keys, wallet, and a cell phone.  You may not know it, but you can combine these items in an intelligent way that makes them easier to carry and keep track of.

The first item to help you slim down your everyday carry is something called KeySmart.  As with many products created by entrepreneurs, it was created to solve a problem.  In this case it was the bulk and jangle of a collection of keys.  Enter a simple device that completely silences your keys and keeps them neatly organized.  Originally a Kickstarter project that captured over $300,000 in funding with an original goal of $6,000 (talk about consumer validation of a product), KeySmart is now a fully-fledged and iterated company with accolades from Entrepreneur, GQ, and CNet, among others.  Keys have been around for thousands of years so it's hard to believe that something around them could be improved so many years on, but KeySmart does just that.

The second item combines two things that you probably carry separately, and that is your phone and wallet.  Some of you may already know Bellroy for their well-crafted wallets, but you may not know that they also manufacture something called "phone pockets."  These handy carryalls can store your cash, between 2 and 8 cards, as well as your phone itself.  They come in various sizes to accommodate your phones, both standard and plus (click on the "phone fit" link to see which makes the most sense for you), as well as an "all-weather" model for those who face more challenging daily conditions.  You can even choose the color of leather and finish you want.  This adds an extra layer of protection for your phone, as you may already have a basic slim case (like this one) which you don't need to remove.  Your phone and the slim cover will fit inside the phone pocket and just like that you've taken three items and minimized them to two, making your everyday carry just a bit easier and more effective.

Do you have other "hacks" you use to slim down your everyday carry?  Share them with us in the comments below.


Ben Davis

About Ben Davis

A serial entrepreneur, Ben Davis is founder of The Gents Place and a leading investor in gentlemen's refinement and confidence.

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