Category: Firearms

A Beginner’s Guide to Rifles

This is a guest post written by Bradly Fletchall. Whether you are interested in getting into the shooting sports, hunting, personal protection or simply want to just be well informed on the subject, it’s important to understand and know the various types of common rifles on the market today. What is a rifle? A rifle […]

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Personal Firearms: Why?

Some time ago we wrote about choosing between a Glock and Sig for an everyday carry, but it makes sense to go one step further back and ask, “Why own a firearm in the first place?”  This week’s article is a guest piece that answers that. I’ve served in the military for over 16 years; I’ve fired […]

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Personal Carry: Sig P226 vs. Glock 19

There are plenty of gun enthusiasts who have a preference for what they carry on a daily basis, be it concealed or open carry.  They have strong preferences based on their training and the weapons they have worked with.  This article is not for them.  This article is an introduction to two popular and well-known […]

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How to Use a Gun Like a Gent

1. All guns are always loaded. 2. Never point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy. 3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your target is in sight and you have decided to shoot. 4. Be sure of what your target is and what’s behind it. Memorize these rules. Print them […]

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AR Versus Sporting Rifle

This is guest post by John Doe Investigations FACT or FICTION?  With all the recent talk of new gun laws and more gun control there is a lot of information circulating: some of it is accurate, some of it is not.  Here are some points of FACT and FICTION… FACT:  President Clinton enacted the Federal […]

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