Category: Self Improvement

A Gent’s Guide to Work-Life Balance

We all want to have successful careers. While reaching your goals may require longer hours, it is still possible to achieve balance in your life. Here are our tips for how to do that: Develop a Realistic Definition of Balance: Balance does not mean equalize. It is not a realistic expectation to think that you […]

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A Gent’s Guide to Public Speaking

Gents know that strong public-speaking skills are invaluable. We’ve all had to speak in front of a group of people, and we know that it can do a great deal of good for your career when done right. Here are our tips for how to hone these vital skills: Learn From the Best It helps […]

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Productivity Hacks: Thinking Like Picasso

Productivity hacks for businessmen

I can only imagine what it must have been like for men like Pablo Picasso and Nikola Tesla (and, while we’re at it, the CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk) to put their heads down at night and try to find sleep amid all that genius creativity they had inside of them.  Even when I’m […]

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Bringing Gentlemen Back: 5 Reasons to Revive Chivalry

How to Act Like a Gentleman

You’ve probably been told somewhere along the line that nice guys finish last. (More on this misconception in future posts, but it often stems from confusion between niceness and passivity.)  The truth is the rewards you can amass from being nice (or not) are mere fractions of those you can earn from being chivalrous.  Want […]

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The DNA of the Successful Gentleman – The Power of Two Words

This is a guest post by Mark Demos, President of Corp-DNA and LSI. We all know the twit who is loud, always talking about how great they are, always have a better score, make better deals, etc.  They make us cringe and find ways to exit.  They make us want to use two other words, […]

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The DNA of the Successful Gentleman – Part 2 INTEGRITY DNA

This is a guest post by Mark Demos, President of Corp-DNA and LSI. “WYSIWYG”  Have you ever seen the acronym?  It means – What You See Is What You Get.  That is a promise that means INTEGRITY.  Integrity means what is seen externally is a reflection of or generated by what is internal.  There are […]

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