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A Gent’s Guide to Public Speaking

Gents know that strong public-speaking skills are invaluable. We’ve all had to speak in front of a group of people, and we know that it can do a great deal of good for your career when done right. Here are our tips for how to hone these vital skills: Learn From the Best It helps […]

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How To Use LinkedIn Like A Gent

This is a guest post from Jim Durbin, a digital/social headhunter. gGents put time and care into their appearance because they know the world is watching. When you step outside your door, you have to project strength, class, confidence, health and stability, which is defined largely by how you look and how you dress. In […]

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A Gent’s Guide To Bitcoin

Investors, particularly tech and currency investors, have been hearing a lot about Bitcoin lately. It’s a mysterious crypto-currency that has taken the Internet by storm. They provide safe, anonymous purchases, a decentralized banking structure, and much lower processing fees. But Bitcoin is complicated. It is also very new by currency standards. So let’s take a deeper look and […]

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Share Your Advice, Win a $65 Shave Experience!

Best Men's Business Advice Straight Razor Promotion

Oscar Wilde (seen to the right sporting fantastic hair, a pinky ring, a cane, a fur coat, plus a gentleman’s handkerchief) had some top-notch advice regarding advice: “The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.” Canes and fur-lined collars might not be […]

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Dying without Getting It

Starting a New Year often comes with great anticipation and hope, but also those thoughts that tell us that nothing is really going to be different from the previous year.  Hope starts the year but leaves ever quicker because we live ill-defined lives. Hope is not simply the substance or focus of the religious or the […]

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Dress for Success – What’s Your Motive?

This is a guest post by Mark R. Demos, founder and CEO of www.corp-dna.com “Dress for Success” is a statement of MOTIVE!  The Motive is simple.  I want to wear clothes that make a statement.  The statement I want to make is, “I am successful”  The thought is if I project a certain image based […]

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