Five Benefits of Yoga for Men

For many years yoga has been viewed as a "women only" workout, however times are changing. While you may be hesitant to enter your first yoga class, yoga comes with a whole host of benefits. It is one of the best ways to cross-train, increases your flexibility and improves muscle conditioning. Yoga also goes beyond improving your physical strength; it can improve your mental strength. Here are 5 benefits of yoga for men:

1. Yoga works your entire body.

Unlike most sports, yoga uses your entire body – every muscle and joint, even your organs. It oxygenates the blood meaning you finish with more energy than you started with.

2. Yoga works for men of all sizes.

Whether you are a 150 pound sprinter or a 280 pound linebacker, yoga will push you to be better, increasing your endurance, flexibility and muscle strength.

3. Yoga decreases muscle soreness.

When muscles are fatigued they build up in lactic acid. Yoga stretches and releases tension which helps flush it away, decreasing soreness

4. Yoga helps you focus.

Yoga takes mental, physical and emotional strength. You have to clear your mind and really concentrate, which can help in both your professional and personal life.

5. Yoga has benefits in the bedroom.

Several yoga poses can actually help you out in the bedroom. Eagle pose, for example, sends fresh blood and oxygen to your sexual organs, enabling you to liven things up in the bedroom.

Clearly yoga isn’t just a woman’s thing anymore. Of course, we’re still not ready to call it a sport.

Ben Davis

About Ben Davis

A serial entrepreneur, Ben Davis is founder of The Gents Place and a leading investor in gentlemen's refinement and confidence.

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