The three Best US Cities to Visit for Beer Lovers

With microbreweries popping up on practically every corner there are so many amazing options for beer lovers traveling the US. Here are 3 cities every beer lover should visit at least once:

  • Asheville, NC. Sipping beer in the Appalachian Mountains; what could be better? Despite Sierra Nevada and New Belgium setting up East Coast operations here, Asheville is still a craft brewer’s dream. Start your list of places to visit with Highland Brewing Company, the city’s first brewery. Make sure to not miss Pisgah Brewing Company, Wedge Brewing Company, and local favorite, Green Man Brewery. Downtown visit Thirsty Monk Pub and Asheville Brewing Company. IF you’re not sure where to head, try the Asheville Brews Cruise, which takes you to two or more breweries and pubs.
  • Burlington, VT. Despite its small size, Vermont is a powerhouse when it comes to brewing beer. Aim to visit in late July when some of the state’s more far-flung brewers descend on Burlington for the annual Vermont Brewers festival. These join the already popular Burlington breweries: Magic Hat, Switchback Brewing, Three Needs Taproom and the Vermont Pub and Brewery. Head just out of town to Hills Farmstead and try their fantastic Double Citra IPA , or go a bit further on I-89 to Waterbury for The Alchemist’s Heady Topper Double IPA, two of Vermont’s finest microbrews. Make sure and visit Long Trail Brewing, Harpoon Brewery’s Windsor facility and Otter Creek Brewery while in the Green Mountain State.
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