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The Gents Guide to Dress Codes

Mens Dress Codes Explained

Dressing well involves a certain degree of coordination among elements—and ironing boards—sure; but it more importantly involves coordination with an occasion. The same sport coat and open collar that lead to a winning combination at happy hour will have very different results in a room of dinner jackets, so it’s important to follow some guidelines [...]

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From Health to Confidence: The ‘Superhero’ Benefits of Massage

Benefits of Men's Massage

If you’ve ever indulged in a ninety-minute massage from a seasoned professional, you know what it’s like to walk out feeling like a superhero—but do you know why? Sure, there are the surface-level benefits that come from indulging yourself, getting rid of knots, and shutting out the world for a while . . . but [...]

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Why You Should Tailor (Almost) Everything

Why Men Should Tailor Everything

Every year around this time there’s a brief sea change in the demographics at my tailor—a sudden influx of teenagers each taking in seams for one communal destination: prom. It’s hard to conceal a smile amid the contagious excitement encircling limo rides, graduation, college goodbyes, and the like; however, it’s also hard to conceal some [...]

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Mother’s Day Giveaway. Win a Free Massage!

Massage for men in Dallas

With Mother’s Day on the calendar this coming weekend, we thought we’d honor moms everywhere by honoring their advice. From warning aspiring BB-gun owners “you’ll shoot your eye out” to gently reminding college-bound freshmen how to eat an elephant (“one bite at a time”), there’s never been a shortage of great mom advice—so why not [...]

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Pre-Shave Oil: Shaving’s Best Kept Secret


Picture your favorite shaving cream. Now picture your least favorite squeaking door hinge. Finally, picture what would happen if you tried to lubricate the latter using the former. It shouldn’t take a mechanic to recognize the superiority of oil over cream in this case—nor should it take one to recognize the parallels between this and [...]

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Grey Blending: 15 Years in 15 Minutes (Now 50% Off for Members)

Grey Blending

No one wants to be “that guy” at the office with hair darker than shoe polish, but allowing your greys and whites to run wild isn’t necessarily an improvement. Add the prospect of sitting under foils for an hour, and it becomes immediately clear why the men’s coloring industry has been so bleak. That, however, [...]

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Scotch Regions: A Gents Guide

Scotch Regions

We covered the basics of scotch versus whiskey in an [...]

The Single Malt: A Gents Primer

What is Scotch?

People have written entire books about scotch—often, therein, crowning it [...]

Fighting Traffic With Audiobooks

Men's Audiobook Recommendations

Of all the statistics I come across, those expressing the [...]

Productivity Hacks: Thinking Like Picasso

Productivity hacks for businessmen

I can only imagine what it must have been like [...]

Sandals That “Get Me”

Review of Men's Sandals from Juil

A good rule of life is to always invest in [...]

Bringing Gentlemen Back: 5 Reasons to Revive Chivalry

How to Act Like a Gentleman

You’ve probably been told somewhere along the line that nice [...]

Best. Shirts. Ever. (From a Brand You’ve Likely Never Owned)

Threads 007 Would Fight You For I wrote last week [...]