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Brotox – Is It for You?

View image | Guys, it’s time for some honest talk. Have you been avoiding your reflection in the mirror? Are you afraid crows feet will be glaring back at you? Are you measuring the bags under your eyes, terrified to see them growing millimeter by millimeter? We really hope not. But even without becoming […]

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Cut Like a Gent – The Best Steak Knives

View image |   There are few things as powerfully masculine as tearing into a thick, juicy piece of steak. The smell, the flavor – it’s all just a wonderful experience. So, please, don’t ruin it by being the guy using a butter knife, trying to rub his way through his steak. It’s just […]

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3 Men’s Fashion No-No’s for Spring

Staying stylish is a flexible, and sometimes tricky, art. The rules can often be bent – trends come and go, what used to be in goes extremely out in a matter of weeks. But there are classic elements of style that you can never go wrong with. And on the flipside, there are absolute fashion […]

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4 Cuban Cigars for Discerning Gents

4 Cuban Cigars for Discerning Gents

Gents, have you been trying to figure out what the normalization of relations with Cuba might mean for you personally? Maybe not. But you should. Politics aside, this means that Cuban cigars are about to become much easier to get your hands on. What’s the deal with the embargo? And, if/when you can buy Cuban […]

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The Truth About Parabens

A real Gent takes time to take care of himself. Grooming should be an essential part of your daily routine. By now, I expect that you’ve applied the excellent tips on moisturizing this blog has already shared with you.  The unfortunate reality is that some of the chemicals found in skincare products are potentially bad […]

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Byron Simon – Casual Shoes Fit for a Gent

Fine quality footwear represent an investment that every stylish Gent should make. This should not be news to you. We’ve already covered the basics of fine dress shoes here.  And you’ve been given warnings on the footwear minefield that is sandals here.  But what falls between the ultra dressy and the ultra casual? Is it […]

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Fashion Mistakes to Avoid for Winter Dress

Okay, so unless you live in one of those cliché […]

How To Use LinkedIn Like A Gent

Gents put time and care into their appearance because they […]

Why You Need Regular Massages

Gents place gift card

Saying you don’t have time for the personal luxury of […]

Why is the Titleist ProV1 the best ball on the market?

Titleist Pro V1

It’s easy to take the humble golf ball for granted. […]

the collection of a lifetime: a showcase of G.Lorenzi at Bourdon House London

the collection of a lifetime: a showcase of G.Lorenzi at Bourdon House London

What: The Cutler of Milan 12th – 21st January, 2015 […]

How to Internet Like a Gent

It’s the Wild West out there, boys. The Internet these […]

How to Use a Gun Like a Gent

1. All guns are always loaded. 2. Never point a […]