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A Gent’s Rules for Denim

This post features a guest appearance from our Preston Hallow neighbors, Ken’s Man’s Shop. The jeans category is one of the hottest areas in Ken’s Man’s Shop. Every season we think it will slow down, but it continues to ratchet up another notch. Yesterday I was having a conversation with a client who says he […]

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Is That Glass of Wine with Dinner Detrimental to Your Health?

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about how sugar is bad for you and is present in a lot of the foods you eat on a daily basis, including the foods that are perceived as “healthy.” In fact, approximately 74% of packaged foods contain added sugar. Wine is no exception. While we’ve often been […]

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A Gent’s Guide to Business Dinners: Part Two

A business dinner can be fun, intimidating, productive, and a great learning experience all at the same time. In part two of this guide to business dinners, we will explore the pre-dinner, at dinner, and post-dinner checklist to ensure your meal and conversation are appropriate and effective. Before The Meal   Introductions are a key to […]

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A Gent’s Guide to Business Dinners

Business dinners are an inevitable part of the professional world. Whether you’re wooing a client, looking to close an important deal, or simply networking; how you handle this social situation can say a lot about you and can greatly impact the outcome you’re looking for. Here are a few tips to help make sure these […]

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Gentleman’s Guide to Work-Life Balance

We all want to have successful careers. While reaching your goals may require longer hours, it is still possible to achieve balance in your life. Here are our tips for how to do that:   Develop a Realistic Definition of Balance: Balance does not mean equal. It is not a realistic expectation to think that […]

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What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Wedding season is upon us and chances are you have at least one or two to attend this summer, which begs the question: “What does a Gent Wear to a Summer Wedding?” First rule: Read the invitation! Even if an explicit dress code is not stated, a lot of clues can be inferred from the […]

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A Gentleman’s Guide to Public Speaking

Gents know that strong public-speaking skills are invaluable. We’ve all […]

Vacation like a Gent

Summer is here, vacationing is in full swing, and gents […]

The Beard Debate: In or Out?

Men are more concerned about their personal style than ever […]

Brotox – Is It for You?

Guys, it’s time for some honest talk. Have you been […]

Cut Like a Gent – The Best Steak Knives

There are few things as powerfully masculine as tearing into […]

3 Men’s Fashion No-No’s for Spring

Staying stylish is a flexible, and sometimes tricky, art. The […]

4 Cuban Cigars for Discerning Gents

4 Cuban Cigars for Discerning Gents

Gents, have you been trying to figure out what the […]